PKAW v1 c9 part 1 launching a bussiness

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TGNR Chapter 5 : Wand Creation(Full Chapter!)

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Chapter 5: Wand Creation
A wand is an item that assists invocation.If you have a cane you can manipulate the magic delicately and can even omit the spell by inclusion. In conclusion a wand is an indispensable item if you want to live as a wizard.

‭However, the wand must be made by ones own hands, the performance would be low with the regular mass-produced goods and explosion occurs when it runs out of control if someone with a lot of magic power like me. And making a wand is also a testimony of being a wizard, by searching materials that match your own magic power , enclosing magic and building your own wand. The wand can apparently be only used by the person who made it because the magic power seems to be slightly different between individuals like DNA, so when you forcibly use another wand, the magic power gets disturbed and sometimes it becomes stunned,(TN: Like your magic power stopping.) It seems you can not use even the weakest magic.‬

‭A wand can be made by combining jewels called [magic gems] and demon materials call [Demon Orbs] but it seems that it is not necessary to have the shaped of the so-called “cane”.(TN : Cane can also mean Wand.) It seems that a wand the size of about the height of a staff or the small stick type wand is used in general, but it seems the characteristics of the individual comes out as the accessory of the wand by chance. At the same time a tattoo-like mark appears on the wand.‬

‭”The materials needed are: an attributeless magic orb,firefly tusk,the bones of a bone dragon , and water and wind dragon skins”‬

‭”Just what kind of cane are you making?!”‬

‭Three days from then, When I got permission to on making a cane they got angered when I presented the needed materials for it.‬

‭”Well Encapsulation requires spells, to be specific spells with generality, and to shorten the casting time we need an all attributes material.”‬
‭”Dragon… How much trouble do you think we need to go to collect it? ,… Wait? are you saying you do not enclose magic? Is suck a thing even possible to be enclosed within a wand?”‬

‭”Well its possible in theory , If it succeeds I can activate magic by just using the magic name if its beginner level.”‬

“Well… but I won’t be able to get those kinds of material so soon. How can it be collected?”

“Father told me not to mind if its just as much as a dragon.”

‭Thats right and so…‬

“The materials will be hard to collect and Isn’t it strange for the king to go on the dragon hunt himself?”

It certainly is strange. But I remember my mother’s story about being angry at father and chancellor-san after they repeatedly did something similar. I heard it wasn’t just once or twice!

‭”Never mind excuse me… there are certainly no individuals who can beat a dragon by themselves , I apologize i was disillusioned by Father.”‬

‭That I said so I tried to leave the room but father stopped me by grabbing my shoulders. ‬

“Me lose? We just need a hundred people! I will show you the greatness of your father!”
As he said that, Father ran out at high speed and destroyed the door.

Part 2
Three days later…

‭”Fuhahaha! Behold, Alicetia, I’ve hunted a massive dragon!”‬
‭In contrast to Father who laughed energetically the people who were walking in and out were exhausted.‬
‭The dragon materials are placed like a mountain in front of me.It was quite a few number there are quite a few demons as well. Sure it’s for the wand but it feels too much, Im feeling sorry for the dragons who got hunted, It seems I have sent a person who shouldn’t be sent.‬

“There aren’t that many dragons with names, while they were fighting we attacked so they got annihilated.It was quite fun seeing them unite when I knocked down the biggest one and they came over to us then we defeated them in a fight.”

‭Was it a dragon’s conflict? The one who was supposed to be protected because him dying might affect the country has no scratches on his armor while the surrounding people are injured while they’re weapons and armor are in terrible, they look just like a defeated soldier. But is it Father who is out of the human framework to annihilate by waging out from the top of the dragons?‬

‭”Father is pretty terrible for annihilating them,But i respect you”‬
‭It was a word from my heart. I wonder if I was watching Father sweetly,He is kind and rarely get angry in front of me so I did think he was out of the standard but I didn’t think he was THAT strong. Moreover, he often gets crushed by Mother‬

“Fuhahaha! , It will be so , your Father is amazing, he can take on an opponent like a dragon. Sorry about that.”
‭I have been lifted by a frantic father and passed around like a fox . Surely this is amazing, but my eyes will turn around, so I want it down. But now let’s let your father like you. It’s unlucky or too cruel to reject him like this, and my father even gathered this for me. ‬

‭”But if its this much,I won’t be able to use it all.”‬

‭”If you do not need all of it I can sell the rest elsewhere, So take as much as you want.”‬

‭Hoho, then I will not hold back. Demon orbs can be used for magic tools so I collect all of them in the end its as of I get all of the materials… there are also tears of the water dragon, This is a rare drop that rarely comes out and it seems useful,It isn’t really necessary that the dragon cried on Father’s violence.It is a crystal that looks like a beautiful gem.‬

‭”If you need anything else get it now Im sure you can out that to good use”‬
‭If you have these materials you can make a cane with each desired purpose, the material of the dragon in the first place would only show up in the market once a year. I will not have have to go buy if I have all these items. These materials must be stocked for magic experiments besides making the wand.‬

“Is it OK to give the rest to the others? Can I give it to the people who went along the hunt?”
The material that I didn’t take still remains like a mountain. It should be given as a reward for everyone who participated. Because they got they’re equipment broken,plus they are exhausted,so it will be just right to give them a reward and it will be quite a considerable value if I share the rest.

“I will be giving the rest to you,If you do not have anything else, make a substitute for broken weapons and armor, or better sell it, do whatever you want
‭” “Thank you” ” ‬
The subordinates who seemed to be like defeated soldiers restored their energy in haste and clustered to get the remaining material.

‭”This is a wing film of a dragon! I can make a new skin armor with this.”‬

“If it’s cunning, I could make a spear with this keel bone”

Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. If compared to the wreckage of weapons and armors, you will be better equipped if you use dragon material. I’d like to ask my Father something like this in the future,but lets keep quiet for now as I may be getting ahead of myself though Im getting excited.

‭”Well then I will be in the workshop, just come if there is anything you need from me”‬

After I asked for the material to be delivered to the workshop, I start heading to it. Father built the workshop to quarantine after I repeated experiment and etc. as I went through curiosity back then. There are things that even twisted my neck twice.
‭Part 3‬

‭Well, Now we will manufacture the wand at the workshop. Normally I would ask craftsmen to make the wand and I’ll just add the magic and etc. but using the spirit of the earth I won’t need to do that process. I have noticed recently, the spirit of the earth likes to process and shape objects it often processes earth and trees then presents it to me.So we recently made a lot of things togethers. Well thats why I often keep track of the other spirits, are they not jealous because the other spirits doesn’t ask for something as much as the earth spirit?‬

‭Although it is a model of a wand, I think I should make it as a staff as tall as the grandfather mage used in a story I have seen. Since the material is synthesized with the stick, lets use dragon leather and so on as we listen to the spirit as it becomes possible to make it wood-like even if it uses leather and etc. because the quality of the material affects the quality of the wand , lets do this without fail?‬

‭I draw a magic formula. The shaping was done by the earth spirit since It can be classified as a type of spirit magic and can perform delicate work by using chanting and magic formula like magic. This time the magic control is being led by the earth spirit rather than me, so I devote myself to assistance.‬

‭The magic formula is completed and I start casting.The spiritual magic that we are doing is different from ordinary magic which purpose is to place importance in delicate control. This spirit magic is necessary for spiritual integration even if it is said to make one lose consciousness. We start transforming the material and making things of purpose delicately.‬

‭Wondering how much time passed, when the long chant was over I was kneeling and breathing raggedly.‬

‭”Im exhausted… but I manage to do it.‬

‭My one and only wand, I thought about the future and made it a length of about 150 cm, surely my height will also grow! The wand was made exactly with my own thoughts. The shape of the cane is adorned with a large ball the size of an adult fist and with the dragon decorations it emerges as a whole.It looks like the sword of the brave(hero) became a wand.‬

‭”Were you able to do it?”‬
‭When I look behind Father was there. Apparently it seems I am so tired I can’t sense my surroundings. My magic power was pretty big , but this time used it with all my power so I can’t use magic for a while.‬

‭”I’m tired, I want something sweet.”‬

‭I stretch out on the sofa.‬

‭”You have bad manners … I’m coming in its Alicia”‬
‭Alicia is my exclusive maid.Although the personality is a bit difficult, the sweets made by her is more delicious than the things in the stores, It’s at the top of my favorite things ranking.‬

‭”Thank you … I’m healed” ‬

Relaxing while eating cookies made by Alicia… I’m healed.

‭”So… did you make this.. I have never seen anything like this before?”‬

‭Alicetia thought about it … “It is impossible even by the first seat wizard of the empire to be able to make a staff this wonderful.‬

There is several ranks for magic casters. A person who can normally use magic is called a mage, A magician is superior to a mage and a wizard is superior to a magician, and more than 80% of the whole mage community is either a mage or magician. My mother is a wizard above the level of magician she seems to be a wizard from the beginning when she graduated from the school’s magic course to be a wizard as the chief and second seat. There are only about a 100 people who serves a country on the continent who can use tactical-class magic. And on top of that there is the “Imperial Wizard” but its been vacant for a hundred years.

‭”I only did the basics the modeling was done by the spirit.‬

‭”Do not make it sound so simple, even in its current state its output is medium tier.”‬

Certainly there is considerable power in this state without even putting into it. It surely will be finished as the best cane, but my magic power has little left, so I have to stop the work for a while.

“The rest will be done in a few days, My magic power has been exhausted.”

“How much magic power did you put in…”
‭I certainly can shoot hundreds of beginner fireballs without a cane and I haven’t run out of Magic Power since the fireworks. Its close to the half point but it is not in the minus range but I feel lazy when Im out of magic power.‬
‭After a few days. My staff was completed with magic.‬